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A Pleasant Thought

Usagi | Lime & Lilac | Bath Bomb

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Effervescent citrus and aromatic herbs and blooms basking by woody amber. Soak in the warmth and zest of Usagi, our lime and lilac-scented,  plant-based, luxuriously foaming bath bomb. Garnished with dried citrus. 

Our plant-based baths bombs are handcrafted to deliver a luxurious bath experience with nourishing oils and butters, intensified fizz and lather, balanced aroma, and lovely embellishments, including dried flowers and/or biodegradable glitter.

All of our bath bombs are handcrafted and cured in small batches to maintain freshness, intensify fragrance, and concentrate nourishing ingredients. Each bath bomb is vacuumed sealed to ensure freshness and resilience during travel. Our bath bombs will not stain the your tub.