Partnering with Sorry Eh?!





There are lots of options and platforms to sell your products online. From Amazon to Shopify they all offer a variety of tools and services to get your products seen by a wide variety of people. However all these solutions require one thing to use properly that we all have so precious little of -- time. 

Sorry Eh?! offers a real partner for your business that isn't an algorithm or a series of help tutorials that eat up that precious resource. We strive to work with our suppliers to market there products the way that they intended them too. We focus on being a personal connection between you and your customers not a machine or corporate manager. 

The promise of the Sorry Eh?! Team is to provide authentic personal care for your products We believe in the Canadian makers and artists that produce them. Canadians need to stick together to make sure we don't drown in the tidal wave of other choices our customers have.

Let us be there for you and partner with us.